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The exhibition tugs at the heart strings. We thank the protagonists and the creators of the exhibition.
E. S.Naszyńscy

Touching and superb documents. I've met many people of Jewish origin in my long life. I symphatize heartily with them for all the suffering, but at the same time I look into the future, for so many lives have been rescued.
Bogusław Gierajewski

Wojciech Dębowski — the name given by the state. Until 1944, my name was NN – no name. I was a prisoner of the ghetto in Lublin and concentration camp in Majdanek. For me, until I find my roots, World War II is still going on. Despite my best efforts, I have never learned the truth. The Sisters of Charity, who had taken me in, knew the truth about who I was.
Wojciech Dębowski

I have come to see the exhibition, because I thought I could perhaps find my friend, who was raised by a Polish family. When I met her she was seven years old and went to primary school in Pustelnik near Warsaw. At the time her name was Halinka Szczepanowska. When she was 14 she was found by her family in Israel, and years after she went to Haifa. That's when I learned her real name - Henryka Rubin. At present, she lives in Israel for sure, but I cannot find her, which is a shame.
Anna Marciniak

Thank you for a moving exhibition.
Kristin Gunnarsdottir, Adela Thorstensdottir